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Friday, March 12, 2010

Medical Doctors Join Ardyss and Prospers!

Dr. Lee Laney,gastroenterologist,is an Ardyss President. Dr. Laney has over 25 doctors apart of his Ardyss organization. He has recruited, pediatritions,OBGNYs, oncologist, and Chiropractors just to name a few. He has focused his Ardyss business on recruiting Medical Professionals by have Ardyss Medical Professional showcases.

Dr. Laney got involved with Ardyss because he want to become more healthy and wealthy. He realized that he wanted to use more complimentary medical approaches to helping his clients. Additionally, he wanted share this philosophy with his colleaques who were increasingly seeking more health prevention alternatives. Ardyss International was his answer.

Ardyss International has changed Dr. Laney life. He works part-time as an Gastroenterologist. He is helping other doctors enhance their private practice with a natural weight loss program for thier clients. And he is helping doctor to use Arydss as an alternative 'retire plan' for their financial future.

Doctors malpractice medical insurance is too high. The cost for machine and other equipment is too high. The patient load has declined because of the economy. And the quality of life is poor when they only get paid when they work. Ardyss provides another stream of income that doctors can make while they are not many doctors have brought of job and lost their time and quality of life....

Many doctors have incorporated Ardyss into their practice to help clients with Obesity by using the Body Magic, the detoxification program, Le Vive Plus and Le Vive Green and AM/PM. It like a Natural Weight loss Program in a box. By decreasing excess pounds, clients may experience relief from Asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and most chronic dis-eases.

An appointment with Ardyss will even change a doctor's life!

Best of health and wealth,

Dr. Elon Bomani
Ardyss Doc

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